Dr. Brown’s Soda

dr-browns-libationistsml.jpg Branding and positioning can sometimes happen in public.

Here’s an example of RE-branding my team and I accomplished through execution:

Dr. Brown’s Soda wanted to shake itself loose from the image of being, well, a Jewish drink. At the time it was served almost exclusively at deli’s like Ratners in New York City.

I came up with the notion of making Dr. Brown a character–a totally goyisha Softdrinkologist. We turned him into a philosophical pontificator, like Dr. Johnson. My wonderful art director partner Glenn Batkin made the cans of Dr. Brown’s look absolutely scrumptious and created an elegantly simple design. We ran these ads in classy rags like the New Yorker and the New York Times Book Review.

dr-brown-guzzlers.jpg dr-browns-elitesml.jpg dr-brown-milk-sml.jpg

Did we succeed? You tell me–do you still think of Dr. Brown’s as a Jewish soft drink?

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