Branding and Positioning R Me

A lot of the stuff you will see and read on this site is funny.
I hope that doesn’t lead you to believe I’m just a comical copywriter.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m actually a dedicated student and skilled practitioner of Branding and Positioning–one of the few you’ll ever come across. I cut my teeth as copywriter at Grey Advertising in New York, working on everything from cereal to painkillers to motor oil. Then I became Creative Director at Fred/Alan Inc., the advertsing agency and think-tank for MTV Networks–one of the most brand-savvy corporations in the universe.

Look to the right of this blog and you’ll find several of my positioning documents under the heading “Pages.”

There’s the one I wrote to help give birth to Comedy Central. You know, the place where millions of eyeballs now turn every night to watch Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, South Park, and a host of hot new comics like Dave Chapelle, Sarah Silverman and Carlos Mencia. It’s a happening channel, no? Well, I was there at the beginning. I wrote their initial brand position and even made up the name Comedy Central. And there isn’t a plaque, or a statue of me anywhere in their offices.

I’m not bitter. I just wish that when Viacom recently paid $1.23 billion for AOL’s half of the network, somebody had kicked a spare million my way.

I also wrote positioning and branding documents for VH-1 and Hanna-Barbera and a slew of others. (Anybody out there know exactly how many are in a “slew”?) And I’m writing some now for an Internet start-up company. Maybe soon I’ll be able to tell you who they are. For the moment it’s very hush-hush.

Meanwhile, please look around this site and notice that all my work has solid branding and marketing purpose behind it. I’m no puny punster. I write persuasive, branded, smart-marketing advertising, and I take it very seriously. And that’s what you want.

Isn’t it?

(Click here for a complete history of Comedy Central.)

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