Branding and Positioning R Me

A lot of the stuff you will see and read on this site is funny.
I hope that doesn’t lead you to believe I’m just a comical copywriter.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

I’m actually a dedicated student and skilled practitioner of Branding and Positioning–one of the few you’ll ever come across. I cut my teeth as copywriter at Grey Advertising in New York, working on everything from cereal to painkillers to motor oil. Then I became Creative Director at Fred/Alan Inc., the advertsing agency and think-tank for MTV Networks–one of the most brand-savvy corporations in the universe.

Look to the right of this blog and you’ll find several of my positioning documents under the heading “Pages.”

There’s the one I wrote to help give birth to Comedy Central. You know, the place where millions of eyeballs now turn every night to watch Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, South Park, and a host of hot new comics like Dave Chapelle, Sarah Silverman and Carlos Mencia. It’s a happening channel, no? Well, I was there at the beginning. I wrote their initial brand position and even made up the name Comedy Central. And there isn’t a plaque, or a statue of me anywhere in their offices.

I’m not bitter. I just wish that when Viacom recently paid $1.23 billion for AOL’s half of the network, somebody had kicked a spare million my way.

I also wrote positioning and branding documents for VH-1 and Hanna-Barbera and a slew of others. (Anybody out there know exactly how many are in a “slew”?) And I’m writing some now for an Internet start-up company. Maybe soon I’ll be able to tell you who they are. For the moment it’s very hush-hush.

Meanwhile, please look around this site and notice that all my work has solid branding and marketing purpose behind it. I’m no puny punster. I write persuasive, branded, smart-marketing advertising, and I take it very seriously. And that’s what you want.

Isn’t it?

(Click here for a complete history of Comedy Central.)

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Strengthen Our Knees For Comedy Central

This ultra-weird spot–which I created on a shoestring budget with stock footage–was part of the kickoff in the great battle between The Comedy Channel and HA! The result was Comedy Central, a TV network that has become central to our culture. Did I mention I made up the name Comedy Central, and wrote its original Branding and Positioning document? You can read that totally serious document by looking under “Pages” over in the right hand column of this blog. But first, take 30 seconds and enjoy a little workout…

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What Is Funny?

Here’s one of my favorite campaigns that I created for HA!, the comedy network that would go on to become Comedy Central. It stars my buddy Marc Weil, of the legendary Madhouse Company of London. The spots were directed by Cliff Fagin…

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