Torn From the Pages of My Portfolio–The Nick at Nite Logo!

nan-logo2.jpg No, I didn’t design this logo. But I did help launch NICK AT NITE and the slogan “Hello Out There From TV Land!”

Here was the situation:

Nickelodeon had become a big daytime success as the world’s first kid network. It decided to start cashing in on its valuable air time at night, after the kiddies went to bed.

But all it could get its hands on for programming was a bunch of old black and white shows from the 60s–Car 54, Donna Reed, My Three Sons–stuff that had already been in syndication for decades.

My job as Creative Director of Fred/Alan, Inc. was to come up with an ad campaign that would make those chestnuts seem cool. We had to somehow make it more fun to watch those shows at Nick’s spot on the TV dial than it had been, or ever would be, over on stodgy old channel 29.
And here was the kicker. We had to do it on a shoestring. There was no budget for big splashy billboards, TV or radio spots.
Our solution? Small space ads in TV Guide. (Click to see them full size.)

NAN Giant Lizard NAN Blowup Small NAN Viewmask small Look Unalike#1 NAN Hoof shaped slippers NAN Bad Oats

We offered fake products, available nowhere…
My 3 Sons Small Mr. Ed Aftershave SmallC

(The Mr. Ed’s Aftershave was a real scratch and sniff ad that smelled like hay. Hey! What did you expect?)

We even gave out our own version of the Clio. We called it the Hucky. And it went to…NAN Adman of Year

Some might say that this is just silly. Exactamundo! It was silly like the 18 to 49 year old jokers and tokers we were trying to lure to our new TV Land theme park. And it worked! The result of all this lunacy is that NICK AT NITE (now with its sister network TV Land) became one of cable’s most successful channels. Our crazy campaign and the excellent work of Larry Jones and Jim Burns and a host of other talented programmers turned a bunch of old chestnuts into the world’s preeminent nostalgia network. Not bad for a shoestring!

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